My Best Onboarding Experience… at a Chiropractor

Recently, I had a fantastic new customer experience at North Shore Chiropractic & Rehab here in Chattanooga.

Let me preface this: I have absolutely no incentive from North Shore Chiro to share this story, and this wasn’t prompted by them in any way. Truly, this is intended to encourage you to consider how you approach customers, not to promote North Shore Chiropractic.

For the sake of this conversation, I’d like to deflate the buzz out of the word “experience”. It’s really the pop-word defining the digital industry right now - everything is framed in terms of user experience. How does the service or app or website make you feel? How does it sound to your ears? How do you remember it? If it were a person, would it be your friend? Would you date it?

It’s not all about experience, certainly. At the end of the day, your software-as-a-service has to do whatever the software part is, not just look pretty and make you feel good.

That being said, experience is certainly incredibly important, beyond the buzz. I don’t go to a chiropractor for the experience though.

See, I go to the chiropractor because I have general back pain and want to receive some training on how to improve my movement, posture, and health habits. If I can get that out of the chiropractor, he doesn’t have to be my friend.

Which is why it was so cool that my new chiropractor focuses so much on experience, and the new customer process.

You see, it isn’t really specifically difficult for a chiropractor to go above and beyond his competitors in this area. Few in-person businesses don’t really have much of a positive experience up front, especially waiting rooms. You fill out forms, you wait in line, you give up your insurance card… It’s not difficult to beat that. But it does take a concerted decision to do so.

North Shore Chiro made that effort. I got a tour of the facility, a gift, and a personal, lengthy consultation with the chiropractor. Not only that, but everyone in the building already knew my name the first time I walked in the door. On return visits, I receive free drinks and personal service similar to the first visit. My chiropractor knows my birthday, and thus my age. It’s simple, but you know what? I appreciate that effort. He doesn’t have to be my friend, but it doesn’t hurt that he acts like my friend.

How are you treating your new customers? How are you making incredible, unique, above-average experiences for your new customers, regardless of what you do?


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